37th edition

15th - 16th February 2020


Euroloppet European Championships

  The course
The track map of the sport event

The track

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Track with photos of the single sections

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360° Panoramic views

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With our new app, you can let your relatives partake in your competition experience. Once the starting signal kicks off the race, you can be followed live on screen throughout the entire race. Your relatives can always keep abreast of where you are, how many kilometres you’ve covered, when you are expected to arrive at the critical points and of course, the finishing line. The data is continuously updated.
1. Purchase the "DS live gold" option in the online registration
It’s yours for € 4,90. We will give you the information for activating the tracking function in the Datasport Event App prior to the event. We are there for you should any problems or questions arise – even on the day of the event.
2. Using your smartphone during the race
If you take your smartphone (iPhone or Android) with you and activate the Datasport Event App before the race kicks off, we can track you and perform a calculation based on all the information that is interesting to your friends and family.
3. Your family and friends can track you live and anticipate the outcome of your race on the Datasport page
As soon as you start running, you appear in the overview and our calculations encompass much more data than anywhere else. You will find out, for example, how many kilometres you covered, exactly when you started, when you had which split time and above all, when you will reach the next split time and ultimately, the finishing line.


Snow conditions 25.03.19

Snow conditions valley:   00 cm

Groomed ski trail:             00 km
Artifical snow:                     00 %