36th edition

16th - 17th February 2019


Euroloppet European Championships


  • Saturday 16 February 2019
  • Sunday 17 February 2019

(each year on the third weekend of February)

  • 42 and 30 km C.T. on Saturday
  • 42 and 30 km F.T. on Sunday
NB: all races are valid for the “Euroloppet”

St. Martin/Gsies, 1,220 m asl (loop)

  • CT race 10.10 am – wave start – 4 groups
  • FT race 09.00 am – wave start – 4 groups


  • The deposit of ski in the start area is allowed for the
    - Start Group 1               - after 08,00 a.m.
    - residual start groups  - free
  • Entry in the 30 km is open to skiers over 16 years of age (born before 2003, february 16th)
  • To take part in the 42 km competitors must be over 18 years of age (born before 2001, february 16th)

C.T. - Saturday 16 February 2019
You are not permitted to skate on the tracks for the classic race. Whoever uses the free technique will be disqualified by the jury ( 343.8 IWO)

F.T. - Sunday 17 February 2019
All techniques are allowed

Period 01.06.18 - 31.01.19 01.02.19- 13.02.19 15.02.19 - 17.02.19
Payment online - bank online - bank late registration on site
CT 58,00 € 65,00 € 69,00 €
FT 59,00 € 66,00 € 69,00 €
both races 95,00 € 102,00 € 108,00 €
Just for Fun 47,00 € 55,00 € 58,00 €
Just for Fun
(both races)
76,00 € 85,00 € 90,00 €
Youth Discount 50% 50% 50%

a) The “Youth Discount” is available to all participants born between 18.02.2001 and 17.02.2003. Participants must produce a valid form of ID when picking up race bib.

b) 30 or 42 km? When registering for the race, the distance is not specified. Participants can decide which route to follow during the race.

c) Euroloppet-Pass holders pay the lowest registration fee up to the day of the race.

  • ONLINE - safe, fast and convenient

Online registration will not be accepted after 23:59 p.m. on Wednesday 13th February 2019.

  • Bank:
    Raiffeisenbank Welsberg-Gsies-Taisten
    BENEFICIARY: Gsiesertal Lauf - I-39030 Gsies, Italy
    IBAN: IT 78 R 08148 59070 000301206834 SWIFT-BIC: RZSBIT21052

       Important: When registering by bank please state which technique (C.T. or F.T.) you will be using as well as your exact address
       and your year of birth.

      Last date for bank transfer: Monday 11.02.2019

  • Finisher-Headband (value 13 €)
  • Race bib
  • athlete’s pack
  • chip at not charge
  • 7 refreshment stations
  • ski maintenance and waxing service
  • medical care
  • medal diploma (to be downloaded from the Web)
  • skier badge
  • showers and relaxation at the Race Finish area
  • SMS service (information & personal running time): Every athlete, who enters his mobile phone number at the moment of online-registration, will receive information and his personal result via SMS.
  • diploma
  • a substantial lunch (lunch for escorts costs € 15)
  • automatic participation in draw for n. 5 cross-country skis (1 for Children-race, 2 for C.T. race and 2 for F.T. race)

    In the 35 editions of the event to date, the race has never been cancelled yet!
    If this should happen in the future, the following regulations shall apply:  

      a)  Early cancellation  (e.g. due to lack of snow)  
          - Cancellation of the race shall be confirmed 7 days before the first day of the race
          - Entry fees which have been paid will either be:
            a1) refunded 80 percent to the payer or
            a2) credited to the next race 

       b) Cancellations on the day of the race (e.g. in the case of adverse weather conditions or compromised public safety)
       In this case, the deposit will not be refunded and entry fees will not be credited to the next race. This is due to the fact that all expenses
       for timekeeping arrangements, catering etc. will already have been incurred by the organisers.

From 01.06.2018 you can check your race number and start group online. The update takes place every end of month; from 1st, January 2019 every day.

Multi purpose house at St. Martin Gsies

Friday 15.02.2019: 2,30 pm – 7 pm (CT + FT)

Saturday 16.02.2019: 7,30 am – 9,30 am (CT + FT) 2,30 pm – 7 pm (FT)

Sunday 17.02.2019: 7,00 am – 8,30 am (FT)

When collecting your start number you must show proof of payment!

  • Time keeping is done by DATASPORT. The chip is an active-trasponder and need therefore be returned to the organizer in the finish area (also in case of an early race stop) .
  • Participants have not to pay a deposit for the chip. The participant which doesn't return the transponder has to pay it (€ 30).

14) Results

  • SMS service (information & personal running time): Every athlete, who enters his mobile phone number at the moment of online-registration, will receive information and his personal result via SMS.
  • the first lists of results will be available immediately at the information stand at the finish the results sorted out according to age will appear immediately after the race
  • in the Internet.
  • 16 - 30 years
  • 31 - 40 years
  • 41 - 50 years
  • 51 - 60 years
  • 61 - 70 years
  • over 70
  • The Gsiesertal Lauf is pure fun for fun’s sake - without timings or rankings
  • Separate starting groups - no crowding or stress
  • Proposed distance: 30 km - you can also get off the tracks earlier if you prefer
  • Catering on the course, large lunch at the finish, participation diploma and medal
  • reduced entry fee

For environmental protection reasons, clothes bags must be requested personally when the bibs are collected. The bag may be dropped off in the Start area on the marked truck. The bags will be returned at the Race Finish area in front of the Raiffeisen Bank.

  • the 30/42 km races (CT and FT) to Taisten will be closed at 12:15 am at the junction at 14 km
  • the 42 km races (CT and FT) to St Magdalena will be closed at 1:15 pm at the junction at 29.6 km
  • Finish area: 3.00 pm
  • see route map
  • IMPORTANT: The rich lunch for atletes will be served from 11.30 am - 04 pm in the finish area (with the "meal-ticket" - enclosed in the start bag)
  1. Medal for each competitor
  2. Medals for the ranks 1,2,3 of each age group (16 - 30, 31 - 40, 41 - 50, 51 - 60, 61 - 70, over 70)
  3. Trophys:
    CT for the first 5 ladies and the first 5 men over 30 and 42 km
    FT for the first 5 ladies and the first 5 men over 30 and 42 km
  4. Draw for n. 5 cross-country skis among all participators presented personally at the price giving ceremony: 1 for Mini-Children Gsieser, 2 for C.T. race, 2 for F.T. race

B) PRIZE MONEY - Total € 8.000

  1. Sprint Prizes - € 6.400 (delivery at the price-giving-ceremony)

    - CT ALPERIA Sprint, km 15 - € 600 for the 3 best placed competitors
    - CT HOKU LADIES Sprint, km 23 (only for ladies!) - € 600 for the 3 best placed competitors
    - CT SÜDTIROL Sprint, km 33 - € 600 for the 3 best places competitors of the 42 km

    - FT SPORTFUL Sprint, km 19 - € 600 for the 3 best placed competitors
    - FT MILA Sprint, km 29 - € 600 for the 3 best placed competitors
    - FT HOTEL QUELLE Sprint, km 31 - € 600 for the 3 best placed competitors of the 42 km
  2. Official Standings - € 4.400

    - CT prize money 42 km Rank 1,2,3 Ladies; Rank 1,2,3,4,5 Men
    - FT prize money 42 km Rank 1,2,3 Ladies; Rank 1,2,3,4,5 Men

NB: The handover of the price money takes place after the price-giving-ceremony in the Raiffeisen-Bank. The prizes will be payed out personally (not by order of a third party or payable in arrears

The Gsiesertal Lauf - 42 km FT -  distributes FIS points for ladies/men (see FIS Reglement: 2.6 FIS long distance popular competitions)

The cross-country ski run of the “Gsiesertal Lauf” is already covered in artificial snow for the most part from the beginning of December and prepared daily.

During the weekend (saturday and sunday) people can run without the cross country ski pass.

Your own health and safety comes first! Each year we draw up our own “security plan” according to the latest information and approved by the jury. This sets out the precise responsibilities of the

  • emergency doctor
  • the White Cross (ambulance or rescue helicopter)
  • the mountain rescue service of Upper Purstertal
  • the 3 volunteer fire services of Gsiesertal as well as
  • the Carabinieri and the traffic police.

The closest hospitals are:

  • San Candido / Innichen hospital: 26 km Tel. (+39) 0474 917 111
  • Brunico / Bruneck hospital:          30 km Tel. (+39) 0474 581 111

Situated in the Finish area with the following services:

  • return of lost property
  • return of equipment left in deposit (skis, ski poles, etc.)
  • sale and stamping of Euroloppet passes
  • sales of meal tickets for “spectators“
  • sale of souvenirs
  • general information

The choice of accommodation is at the discretion of the participant. We suggest you contact one of the hotels on our homepage, or the Gsiesertal-Welsberg-Taisten Tourist Association.

26) Protests

Any protest must be submitted in writing by the participant to the race jury within one hour after the arrival of the first participants of the different distances. A protest fee of 62 € must be paid at the time when the protest is submitted. The protest fee will be returned if the protest is decided in favor of the protesting party.

  1. Upon entry, the participant declares possession of the medical fitness certificate in accordance with the Italian Law of 18 February 1982, thus exempting the Organizing Committee from responsibility in the event of any accidents incurred during or after the race or damages caused by participants to any third party or third party properties.
  2. By registering, the participant agrees to release the organizer, sponsors, public institutions and land owners from all liabilities.
  3. FIS (International Ski Federation) rules apply for any rules not mentioned here.
Upon entry, the participant consents to the disclosure of personal information to third parties for processing in accordance with the DSGVO (Rule EU 2016/679) regarding the Protection of Personal data. Details on https://www.datasport.com/en/privacy-statement/.

It is forbidden to throw away rubbish of any kind outside the marked service areas. The abandoning of the race track is not allowed due to reasons of nature protection. The track of the Gsiesertal Lauf runs along the wonderful nature. The event is also a Going Green Event.

This is why it is very important to the organiser to respect the conversation of nature and environment. Necessary measures, like sufficient waste disposal points, will facilitate the observance of these rules.

Snow conditions 13.12.18

Snow conditions valley:   20 cm

Groomed ski trail:             10 km
Artifical snow:                     50 %