All the latest from the Gsiesertal Lauf


All the latest from the Gsiesertal Lauf

Everything is going according to plan: Registrations have already been received from 33 nations, and the entire 42 km has been groomed to perfection. As we have already announced, the start line has been moved 400 m to the north (close to the finish line). We would like to draw your attention to the following details:

Start times:

Saturday, 16.02.19:  Start Classic 10.10 am

Sunday, 17.02.19: Start Skating 9.00 am

RAI TV coverage:

Sunday,        17.02.19:

07,47 – 09,45    DIRECT FT (+ summary CT)
13,45 – 14,10    finisher FT pre-recorded

Finisher headband

Each participant will receive a high-quality headband, sponsored by SPORTFUL.


The Gsiesertal-KIDS-Run has been completely revamped: The starting area is new and the course tracks have been eased somewhat, to the immense benefit of younger competitors. With the inclusion the „Volksbank series“ of events, over 300 participants from 15 nations are expected.