Statement – 36th edition february 16/17th, 2019

Despite Corona, preparations are in full swing for the 38th Gsieser Tal Lauf on 20/21 February 2021: Experience shows that the second wave which is engulfing us at the moment will flatten out sooner or later, and for this reason the organisers are confident that the upcoming race will be able to take place.


The main issue at the time of writing is the organisation of a “Corona Version” event, which should be firmly in place by the end of December. Given that cross-country skiing is an outdoor activity which does not involve close contact with others, it should not be difficult to implement a variety of safety measures aimed, first and foremost, at safeguarding the health of all participants and staff.


As mentioned above, we are confident that the event will take place as planned. However, there is no such thing as absolute certainty in these times; If problems should arise, we will cancel the event by 20.01.2021 (one month before the race), and give participants the option of carrying forward their subscription fees for the following year’s race in 2022, or requesting a refund for the full amount.


We have been hard at work all through the summer months, above all to solidify the financial base for this large-scale event. We are particularly happy to report that all sponsors are continuing to provide their backing despite the coronavirus situation, and have not withdrawn their support for the event by one single euro.


Registration opened on 1 September and in spite of the current situation, we have received a good number of entries. If you are interested in booking at one of our partner hotels, click here.


The 2021 brochure is also already available.


Hang in there, everyone: Together, we‘re stronger!