The Gsiesertal Lauf is confirmed!


The Gsieser Tal Lauf is confirmed!


This year, unlike 2021, the Green Pass certificate (vaccinated / recovered) has enabled us to plan the event with a great deal more certainty. As such, we can now inform you that the 38th Gsiesertal Lauf is confirmed for the 19 and 20 February.


The sense of optimism is mirrored in the registrations we have received which, to date, number over 1,000 people from 18 different countries. Discounted registrations will continue to be available until 31.01.2022.
Important: We are not offering on-site registration this year. Online registration will be open until 9 am on Sunday 20 February.


Naturally, rigorous compliance with Covid regulations is imperative.  Participants can find out all details on The website will also provide full, constantly-updated information regarding travel to Italy.


Given that the entire stretch of the 42km route has been in outstanding condition for weeks now, a spectacular event is most definitely on the cards.


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